Jeff Gainsborough
Co-Founder AmeriCasa
Active member of the AmeriCasa Team

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur starting his first business in 1997 in the Mortgage Lending Industry and selling his first company Foremost Mortgage Company to US Mortgage Corp in 2001. Mr. Gainsborough started his professional career in 1987 at Pat Ryan & Associates as a finance and insurance consultant to the auto industry. He continued his dealership career acquiring detailed knowledge of auto dealers’ internal workings as a finance & insurance manager for dealers from Texas to California, which have become immensely helpful in running his current business. In 1992, he moved into the mortgage banking and lending industry creating a mortgage product for Credit Unions which traditionally haven’t provided mortgage loans to their membership, via a kiosk inside the Credit Union that provided video conferencing loan applications and processing at a time in 1998 when video conferencing was in its infancy and the mortgage industry was heavily reliant on paper and face to face transactions. Which led to 75 Credit Union clients across Texas with over $700 million in loan servicing in two years, which continued until 2008 with the housing market crash.  In 2008, Mr. Gainsborough moved into the manufactured housing market, founding Mobile Housing of Texas which has grown into one of the top independent dealerships in the State of Texas. In 2014 he founded MHOT Financial and MHOT Insurance utilizing his experience in car finance, mortgage lending, and insurance to grow these entities into the unique digital provider of financial services as they relate to the manufactured housing space today.  He is currently licensed with NMLS license number 331531 and regulated by the OCCC of TX.