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The AmeriCasa National Expansion

Currently, approximately 22 million people live in manufactured homes nationally. AmeriCasa aims to build the Future of Affordable Housing by going beyond expectations and offering a completely different approach to the real estate and affordable housing business.

Our Vision

AmeriCasa seeks to be an “Oasis” for Hispanic families seeking a better life by providing the key foundational pillars of a community and housing in America. AmeriCasa is a disruptive force to the traditional delivery model for affordable housing through its proprietary technology, a vertically integrated delivery model, and a holistic approach to superior customer service.

AmeriCasa seeks to be the leading brand and provider of affordable housing for Hispanic families in America.

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At AmeriCasa Solutions. We are looking for talented professionals ready and willing to help thousands of families in the country make their dream of homeownership a reality. We want to hear your ideas and empower you to add real value to support our goals. Take a look at our current job openings!

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