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What Does it Mean to Become a Partner?

What We Do

AmeriCasa is actively seeking partners aligned with environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) principles, and seeking growth in the manufactured housing asset class.

AmeriCasa is aligned to ESG principles and seeks to develop a national footprint of quality communities and brand recognition around premier customer service and a host of other socially responsible community benefits.

We are actively pursuing a national expansion plan, driven through a three-pronged approach:

  1. The development of new AmeriCasa Master Planned Developments.
  2. Partnering with active developers in new markets to build an AmeriCasa branded development.
  3. Partnering with owners of communities to deploy the AmeriCasa brand, technology, and services to drive increased value to owners and residents coupled with ESG alignment.

What We Offer


As an AmeriCasa partner, you will be able to:
  • Work in conjunction with the AmeriCasa leadership team to identify community locations​.
  • Acquire land, obtain permits, and manage construction and build-out utilizing the AmeriCasa Uniform Community Development Plan.


Your return of investment will focus on:
  • Own 75% of community equity​
  • Monthly profit distributions post phase 3 completion targeting 30%+ Cash-on-Cash Returns.​
  • Exit options include sales of equity to AmeriCasa at pre-determined multiple or roll equity into AmeriCasa IPO

Our Technology

AmeriCasa’s technology and services platform (“AOSP™”) is the result of years of development by an in-house software development team, directed by a proven executive management team.

AOSP™ captures, automates, and documents the customer journey from initial engagement, all the way through the process to full digital documentation and closing. Further, the AmeriCasa technology platform provides customers with payment servicing and long-term relationship management.

Our Value to Partners

Whether you are a cash partner, a landowner/developer, or a current manufactured housing community owner, let us show you how working with Americasa can increase your returns in this exciting space.

Why Become a Partner?

According to the Manufactured Housing Institute, approximately 22 million people live in manufactured homes nationally. This growing industry can help many families in AmeriCasa, and here’s why:

  • Minimal turnover: Residents living in manufactured housing communities are homeowners, rather than renters. On average, a manufactured home resident will remain in the community for 14 years, on average.
  • Residents in good standing: High-end manufactured housing communities tend to attract better residents and this means less likelihood of defaults or evictions. In the unlikely scenario of default or nonpayment, the manufactured housing community owner could initiate proceedings to obtain the home title.
  • Low supply, high demand: While demand is growing for manufactured housing, supply has not kept up.  Not enough communities are being developed.
  • Recession resistance: Manufactured homes are considered a counter-cyclical asset class. In other words, demand for such housing tends to increase during economic downturns, as individuals lose a permanent stream of income or want to downsize into something more affordable.
  • Fewer operating costs: The nature of manufactured housing land leases means residents are responsible for maintaining their homes and the sites on which they are located. Manufactured housing community owners only cover expenses for common areas and any amenities.

A Timeline of Sucess!

Since 2008, AmeriCasa has been busy building the future of Affordable Housing for America.
This is our story:

Our Future: AmeriCasa Goals!

The Overarching objective is to prepare AmeriCasa Solutions, LLC for an IPO in Q4 of 2023. In order to achieve this objective, AmeriCasa’s management team will focus on the following 2022 goals and objectives which will roll into 2023:

  • Become the Premier Brand of Affordable Housing for the Hispanic Market ​
  • Be recognized as the trusted brand for the Hispanic families in America seeking improvements in the standard of living, generational improvements in education, and economic earning potential  ​
  • Achieve Scalability Improvements- metrics gains, digital transformation​
  • Exceed Productivity Objectives – fully deploy new digital model, recruit top talent in expansion areas  ​
  • Improve margins through advancements in AOSP and the shared service platform ​
  • Expand the AmeriCasa Geographic Footprint throughout Texas – plant the AmeriCasa Flag in 10 new locations in ‘22​
  • Exceed 2022 Budget Objectives

How to Become a Partner?

Calling America’s Finest Developers!
There Are 3 Ways to Partner With AmeriCasa:


Contribute Land

  • Own raw land? Have our Land Acquisition Team determine whether it meets our criteria for becoming an AmeriCasa Community.​
  • Allow our turnkey Platform-As-A-Service to obtain financing, develop the land, sell the homes and manage the community.​
  • Own 50% of the community with monthly profit distributions and targeted cash flow yields of 25% annualized with a minimum annual preferred yield of 8% at Phase 3 Completion.


Community Owners

  • Own an existing community? Let AmeriCasa show you how we increase absorption, increase pad rent, add new revenue streams, and reduce operating expenses. ​
  • See how AmeriCasa’s turnkey Platform-As-A-Service improves customer service, security, and paves the way for future additional wallet share of residents. ​
  • See the resident benefits of an “AmeriCasa Membership.


AmeriCasa Developer


  • Work in conjunction with the AmeriCasa leadership team to identify community locations​
  • Acquire land, obtain permits, and manage construction and build-out utilizing the AmeriCasa Uniform Community Development Plan​


  • Install model homes and on-site dealership powered by AOSP​
  • Provide all Marketing, Sales, Installation, In-House Financing, Insurance, Customer Service, Property, and Brand Management functions​
  • To maximize long-term, recurring revenue, and to drive value to Developer Partners, AmeriCasa will sell homes “near cost” to maximize AmeriCas’ians budget towards lot leases in our Branded High-End communities

The Time To Join AmeriCasa is Now!

At AmeriCasa, we are seeking partners aligned with our values and the ESG principles.
If you want to grow in the manufactured housing industry, this is the right opportunity!