John Mercadante
Executive Vice President
AmeriCasa Software and Shared Service Center

John is a technology and solution strategist with over 25 years of delivering solutions to improve organizational process execution through digital transformation.

He has worked with emerging technology startups to publicly traded companies focused on advancing the product roadmap and achieving desired results. John has facilitated the engagement of cross-industry large and complex organizations in order to build a common product solution for all to benefit from. Has extended his core team through near and off-shore development centers that assist in bringing a complete solution to market.

John has held various key positions within the product development and management domains and has been the CEO of three SaaS technology companies – Idera, Knomatic, and Flashrock. As Executive Vice President – AmeriCasa Software and Shared Service Center, John will utilize his experience in growing and leading teams in disparate locations to build valuable products.

His focus will be to transform the commercial and proprietary technology from AmeriCasa to the broader market to help underserved families transform their lives through homeownership in an AmeriCasa community. John lives in Katy, Texas with his wife of 25 years, Laura, and their 6 children.