Steve Bischoff
CFO AmeriCasa Solutions, LLC 
Co-Manager AmeriCasa Asset Management

Mr. Bischoff has a reputation for developing and managing successful teams in finance, mortgage banking, risk management and middle market investment banking.

Mr. Bischoff is the Chief Financial Officer of AmeriCasa Solutions, LLC and Co-Manager of AmeriCasa Opportunity Asset Fund. He has extensive experience managing risk, building profitable businesses, asset management and investment banking.

Prior to AmeriCasa, Mr. Bischoff was Head of Asset Management and Investment Banking at NatAlliance Securities, Co-Chief Operating Officer of Debt Capital markets at Cantor Fitzgerald in New York City, Managing Director in charge of fixed income trading at GMAC/RFC Institutional Capital in Bethesda, Maryland as well as Founder, Board Member, Managing Director at Amherst Securities in Houston, Texas. Mr. Bischoff is a graduate of Bowdoin College with degrees in Math & Economics. His licenses include FINRA 3, 4, 7, 24, 52, 63, 66 and 79 securities.